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Early Voting Underway Through Friday May 25

How many times do we have to vote for president, anyway? Why can't we just go to the polls once in November and be done with it? What's so important about the primaries?

Well, how many times have you heard (or even said), "I don't like any of the candidates on the ballot?"  If you want to have any say at all in who will be on the ballot -- from the court house to the state house to the White House -- you need to vote in either the Democratic or the Republican primary!  In March 2008, fewer than 32.2% of Harris County voters decided who would be on the ballot in November; in March 2010, fewer than 13.9% decided.  Primary elections provide perhaps the most important avenue by which citizens can take part in the process of choosing their leaders.  Despite what others may say, it does matter who you vote for!

According to a USA TODAY/Gallup poll, Americans by 4-1 say it makes "a real difference" to them who is elected president, and a 53% majority strongly agrees that the stakes in this election are higher than in previous years. Almost two-thirds of registered voters are "afraid of what will happen" if the candidate they support doesn't win.

Do your homework!  Find out who the candidates are, go to the candidates' web sites, and then go to the web sites of the organizations who have independently reviewed the candidates.  You can also hear the candidates in person at some of the many candidate forums throughout the county.  After you have done all of this, and you’ve evaluated both the candidates and the endorsers, make your own list to use at the polling place; don't base your vote on one of the for-profit slate mailers you may have received.  Finally, vote! Click this link for an interactive Google map showing all 37 early voting locations in Harris County.


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