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Are You Our Next Treasurer?

Nominations for the Willow Meadows Civic Club Board are open through the Third Quarter General Meeting. We are looking for someone to fill the position of Treasurer as I will not be seeking reelection for a fourth term. I would like to invite each Willow Meadows resident to consider serving your neighborhood in this capacity. I have spent considerable effort over the past three years to make the Treasurer tasks as smooth as possible.

The Treasurer position includes a number of responsibilities, but it is not an overwhelming burden. Obviously, I would not have agreed to serve for three years (not would have my predecessor, Sandi Peters) if the job were too taxing. As Treasurer, you get to meet and interact with many of your neighbors that you might not otherwise get to know. You get to participate and influence how WMCC operates and provide thoughts and ideas on how to continue to improve our neighborhood.

There are no defined job qualifications or requirements to be WMCC Treasurer. However, there are some characteristics that make the job easier. A basic understanding about accounting and budgeting are certainly helpful but not required. WMCC uses Quickbooks Online for our accounting so a computer (Mac or PC) and internet connection are required. Quickbooks is fairly easy and intuitive to understand and reference guidebooks are available and the vendor’s help options also work well. A printer is needed to print checks and invoices. Virtually all of our interactions with title companies and many vendors are through email so the Treasurer will need to have regular access to their email account. Familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel are useful in preparing invoices, treasurer reports and newsletter articles. Finally, a copier is needed regularly, a document scanner is often useful and a fax machine is needed a couple of times a year. These services are readily available at many businesses if not at home.

The Treasurer position typically requires 1-2 hours per week (plus a two-hour Board meeting each month). This time is spent picking up mail, paying bills, depositing checks, processing the payroll and responding to email. There are three periods during the year that require additional effort. In January, extra time is needed to prepare the annual invoices and in July, additional effort is need to prepare and send out any reminders about dues payment. The biggest time requirement is in late March through April when most of our assessment payments arrive and must be recorded and deposited. My estimate is that about forty additional hours are needed over that 4-6 week period. Below is a schedule of the notable Treasurer activities throughout the year.

  • Weekly – Pick up mail at the PO Box, respond to email, pay bills
  • Monthly – Enter payroll, make deposits, prepare treasurer reports, attend Board meeting
  • January – Prepare annual assessment and arrange mailout, update bank authorizations
  • March – Process early dues payments
  • April – Finish processing dues payments
  • May – File federal financial statement (prepared by accountant)
  • June – Renew insurance policies
  • July – Send dues reminders
  • August – Participate in budget planning for following year
  • October – Help prepare election mailout
  • November – Order Security stickers
  • December – Transition to new Treasurer

If you would consider serving as Treasurer but would like more information, please do not hesitate to email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call me at 713-721-4971.

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