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Houston Charter Amendment Election

Prop 1 will, if approved by voters, repeal language that is obsolete or has been superseded by state and/or federal law. Prop 2 will, if approved by voters, remove obsolete references to party primaries and partisan city elections, address the impact of current election laws/procedures, and recognize the existence of council districts in initiative, referendum, and recall petition processes.  According to Mayor Parker, more of the Charter will need to be revised in the future.

Why the sudden interest in repealing Charter language that has been obsolete for decades in some cases?

Well, state law requires that, if a city charter amendment is approved by the voters, then two FULL calendar years must pass before any subsequent proposed amendment can be voted upon.  As the November 2014 “authorized uniform election date” will be on November 4, 2014, it will fall two days short of meeting the full two years requirement, since that is two days short of two full calendar years following November 6, 2012.  Thus, if even one of this year's proposed charter amendments passes, the next opportunity that VOTERS will have to propose amending the Charter will be in November 2015.


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