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Home Construction

What about landscaping near streets, sidewalks and curbs?

While these areas are maintained by the abutting property owners, the right-of-way, extending approximately 16 feet from the back of curbs, grants the City of Houston full access and utilization as deemed necessary for the construction of the project. If you have specific landscaping within the public right-of-way that you would like to save, we suggest you relocate these special items to a projected location. Grass will be restored in yards upon completion of all construction.


What about my driveway?

For paving and drainage projects, new driveway aprons are a necessary part of this project as they are required to meet and connect existing driveways to the new streets. In addition, where sidewalks extend through these aprons, the sidewalks must meet all local and federal regulations for sidewalks. This requires the sidewalks to meet ADA (American with Disabilities) standards. As such, you can expect to have your driveway apron reconstructed with a different entry slope. It may be necessary to obtain a right-of-entry from the property owner to enter your property if this new slope exceeds the maximum allowable design standards. This right-of-entry will allow the City to connect to the existing driveway further away from the street which will lower the slope of the new driveway.


What if I have an improved or special/decorative driveway and/or walkway?

For portions of driveways (and front walkways) located in the right-of-way, the City is only required to return your driveway to City of Houston codes and standards.


What about any school buses that typically drives on the affected streets?

The City of Houston and contractor will work with the local school principals and school transportation coordinator to address the individual needs of the schools.


Will my street be at a different elevation than it is today?

Over the past 40-50 years, the topography of the area has obviously shifted. When reconstructing a street the intent of any project by the City of Houston is to minimize any street elevation change as much as possible. Some change may be required to establish the proper flow of storm-water to ensure proper drainage for years to come.


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