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Security Committee Responsibilities

The Security Committee oversees the off-duty, HPD, part-time employees who patrol the neighborhood in WMCC patrol cars.  Currently, our private Security Patrol Program has two patrol cars and employs 11 Houston Police Department (HPD) Officers.

The Officers wear their HPD uniforms and carry their weapons. Our Officers write speeding tickets to those speeding through their patrol area, which is Willow Meadows only. The Officers can be contacted in person when encountered in the neighborhood, by the security cell phone at (713) 447-0200, or through contact with the Security Chair. The Patrol Cars are equipped with sirens, light bar, and multi-band police radios. Besides patrolling all of the streets within Willow Meadows as a visible deterrent to crime, the Security Patrol responds to reports of crimes in progress, disturbances, and suspicious persons or vehicles.

The Security Officers convey reports of incidents to the Security Committee and maintain an active list of vacation watches. Our Security Patrol is a sophisticated and effective program that has benefited homeowners by effecting lower crimes rates over the last few years in Willow Meadows than in the surrounding neighborhoods. Due to the importance homeowners and the Board of Directors have placed on the Security Patrol Program, the majority of the Willow Meadows Civic Club annual budget is allocated to the Security account.

Note that our security service does not operate 24 hours per day. In case of an imminent threat, call 911 first. For a non-threatening/routine call to HPD, please phone HPD Dispatch at (713) 884-3131. Then call the Willow Meadows Security Patrol at (713) 447-0200


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