Willow Meadows Civic Club

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The history of the Willow Meadows Civic Club goes back for decades. We are an organization that has experienced growth and change throughout that time. Most recently, by a majority vote of all homeowners, in 1998 the Civic Club changed from a vountary club to a mandatory Home Owners Association with a new, unified set of Deed Restrictions. On the one hand, that growth meant that dues are no longer voluntary and lots are subject to legal action to enforce the Deed Restrictions. On the other hand, it allows the Association a consistent budget in order to pay for those actions necessary to maintain the quality of life just a few miles outside of downtown Houston.

The President's duties are to help maintain the growth and quality of life here in Willow Meadows by ensuring the smooth functioning of the Association. This includes presiding at Board Meetings as well as at the General and Special Meetings of the Association. He or she also coordinates the actions of the various standing committees, serves as one of the four officers of the Board of Directors, and appoints committee chairs.

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Assessment Payments:
Willow Meadows Civic Club
c/o PMG Houston
PO Box 3157
Houston TX 77253-3157

Security Donations:
Willow Meadows Civic Club
c/o PMG Houston
11000 Corporate Centre Dr #150
Houston , TX 77041