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Home News Construction Are they going to dig up my yard, or just my street?

Are they going to dig up my yard, or just my street?

If a waterline installation is required for your project, the contractor is going to use the boring process whenever possible to install the waterlines. This process requires minimal digging within the right-of-way. Once the new lines have been installed, the existing ("old") water lines will be abandoned, thereby avoiding the need to dig them up for removal. Once the new waterlines have been installed, tested, and approved by the City, the contractor will disconnect your water meter from the "old" line and reconnect to the "new". This may require additional boring for the installation of these services.

If the streets are going to be completely reconstructed, construction is usually accomplished by completing the construction of one side of the street, then returning to construct the other side of the street. During this process, access to driveways will be maintained as best as possible for personal access.  On some days, you may be asked to park nearby, but this usually occurs on days that work is in front of, or blocking a given driveway at a given time. Naturally, weather will have some impacts on these occurrences. We suggest that you share your driveways with your neighbors, where possible.


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