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Home News Construction What should residents with sprinkler systems be prepared for?

What should residents with sprinkler systems be prepared for?

We recommend that you take pictures of the sprinkler heads in the "on" position and be sure the pictures clearly show the number and the location of the sprinklers/heads that you have in the right-of-way area near the street/curb. The construction company will make the effort to cap off your sprinklers in the right-of-way that will be torn up with the intent to keep your sprinklers working in the rest of the yard. The pictures should help resolve any questions when the construction company restores the sprinkler system. It is entirely possible your system (or at least certain zones) may stop working once work has commenced in the right-of-way as wires and lines do occasionally get cut inadvertently. Be sure to have a garden hose and traditional sprinklers ready to use during this period. If you believe that your sprinklers systems were damaged during construction please contact the project manager.


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