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Why have various markers and protective barriers been placed in some yards around trees, etc.?

For most of the residential streets in the City of Houston, the right-of-way extends about 16 feet into yards from the back of the curb. As a result, the City of Houston and the contractors are granted full access into this right-of-way for this and any related projects.  Once complete, the City is required to restore the disturbed areas to City of Houston standards.

Both the City of Houston and the contractor are taking precaution to protect existing trees as best as they can. In addition, right-of-way markers, private utility markers, and construction staking are going to be placed in yards.  They let the contractor know what utility is there and where they need to build in accordance with the plans.  Removal of these markers causes added delays and expense for the contractor.  Please do not remove these markers or any projective precautions that have been provided in your yard.


Are they going to dig up my yard, or just my street?

If a waterline installation is required for your project, the contractor is going to use the boring process whenever possible to install the waterlines. This process requires minimal digging within the right-of-way. Once the new lines have been installed, the existing ("old") water lines will be abandoned, thereby avoiding the need to dig them up for removal. Once the new waterlines have been installed, tested, and approved by the City, the contractor will disconnect your water meter from the "old" line and reconnect to the "new". This may require additional boring for the installation of these services.

If the streets are going to be completely reconstructed, construction is usually accomplished by completing the construction of one side of the street, then returning to construct the other side of the street. During this process, access to driveways will be maintained as best as possible for personal access.  On some days, you may be asked to park nearby, but this usually occurs on days that work is in front of, or blocking a given driveway at a given time. Naturally, weather will have some impacts on these occurrences. We suggest that you share your driveways with your neighbors, where possible.


At some point, will I lose my water?

If waterline replacement is a part of the project, you may lose water service periodically during the course of construction. It is the City if Houston's responsibility to notify residents 24-48 hours in advance of a scheduled shut-down for the main line connections. Typically, water is out up to 4 hours. When transferring water service to the new water lines, the process usually takes 2-3 hours.

There may be periods where service is accidently interrupted due to inaccurate location of existing waterlines. When this occurs, it is the contractor's top priority to restore service quickly as possible and notifications will not be provided.


At some point, will I have issues parking in my driveway or garage?

Yes. As mentioned, for Paving and Storm Sewer Projects, streets will be completely reconstructed. This is typically accomplished by completely reconstructing one of a street first, then returning to reconstruct the other side of the street. During this process, access to driveways will be maintained as best possible for personal access. On some days, you will be asked not to park in your driveway. However, you will be given ample notification of this condition through door hangers which will be distributed by the contractor. This will only occur on days that construction is being performed in front of your driveway. Naturally, rain and weather will have some impacts on the duration of these occurrences. We suggest that you share your driveways with your neighbors on the opposite side of your street, where possible.

Typically, you will be restricted from your driveway for 7-10 days.


What about the new sidewalks?

All reconstructed streets typically receive new sidewalks on both sides of the street. Any street or block that currently does not have sidewalks will typically receive new sidewalks. Sidewalks will be 5-feet wide where possible. The location of the sidewalks may vary due to obstructions.


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