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Will my street be at a different elevation than it is today?

Over the past 40-50 years, the topography of the area has obviously shifted. When reconstructing a street the intent of any project by the City of Houston is to minimize any street elevation change as much as possible. Some change may be required to establish the proper flow of storm-water to ensure proper drainage for years to come.


How can residents feel comforted that all restoration will occur properly?

Restoration of yards, sprinkler system, etc. will occur once all construction is complete. Additionally, the City will not approve of final payment to the contractor until the City completes their own assessment to ensure restoration is sufficient. If you have concerns, please call 311 and document those concerns so that they can be addressed at the end of the project. Do not make the repairs yourself!  The contractor will make them at the appropriate time during the course of construction.


On streets under construction, what is the procedure for trash and recycling pick up?

Please put your receptacles on the non-affected side of the street.


What if I perceive that there has been damage to my property?

The Contractor is required to take pre-construction photos of all property prior to commencing work. If you perceive that damage has been done to your property, you may report the damage to the City using the 311 System or by e-mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . A City representative will meet with you and will compare your property to the pre-construction photos to determine if any damage has been done. If so, the City will direct the contractor to repair the damage.


Will the flood plan change post construction?

No, it is not affected although standard runoff and drainage will be improved.


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