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Past Winners

The Maintenance and Beautification Committee administers the "Yard of the Month" program.  To nominate a yard for Yard of the Month you may either download/print/mail this hardcopy form, or submit this electronic form.

The below list of past winners is available as an Excel spreadsheet from the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Click on the links to see individual pictures of past winners, or check out our photo gallery to see slideshows of past winners!

Yard of the Month 2004


January 4818 Waynesboro
February 10210 Cliffwood
March 4327 SIlverwood
April 10214 Piermain
May 4315 Breakwood
June 4814 Waynesboro
July 4522 Nenana
August 10211 Greenwillow
September 9011 Cliffwood
November 10402 Willowisp

Yard of the Month 2002


January 4726 Omeara
February 4706 Omeara
March 10002 Cliffwood
April 4610 Omeara
May 10118 Willowgrove
June 4806 McDermed
July 4431 Osby
August 9419 Greenwillow
September 4302 Cheena
October 9011 Cliffwood
November 4419 Lymbar

Yard of the Month 2000


March 10118 Willowgrove
April 9214 Greenwillow
May 4411 Wigton
June 4326 McDermed
July 4310 Waynesboro
August 4818 Waynesboro
September 4302 Woodvalley
October 10115 Willowgrove
November 4831 Knickerbocker

Yard of the Month 2003


February 10320 Willowgrove
March 9722 Cliffwood
April 4318 Omeara
May 4301 Sarong
June 10214 Piermain
July 4318 Wigton
August 9106 Cliffwood
September 4334 Wigton
October 4331 Wigton
November 9906 Cliffwood
December 9002 Cliffwood

Yard of the Month 2001


March 4415 Osby
April 4326 Nenana
May 9922 Cliffwood
June 10110 Cliffwood
July 4402 Sarong
August 4502 Waynesboro
September 4502 Waynesboro
October 4306 Breakwood
November 9607 Greenwillow
December 4411 Wigton

Yard of the Month 1999


March 10218 Cliffwood
April 10206 Piermain
May 4714 Nenana
June 4411 Lemac
July 4314 Omeara
August 9214 Greenwillow
September 4815 Waynesboro
October 4403 Firestone
November 4330 Sarong
December 4726 Omeara, 4810 Waynesboro, 10019 Willowgrove

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